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Five Poems by Mugdha Chandrika


Past, once held current time,
continued to move coyly,
run into experiences: queer but ripe.
The young past, once fancied future, grew,
as time casually took shape.

Present, the future fancied by past, appears,
it walks along with mellow-shaped time.
Holding past, it continues to move.
There is a break in the ignition of experiences.
Half is filled with veracious vintage,
and other half is nimble novelty.
The present hopes to meet a mature future
while visualizing its nature.

Future will be showing up
with a hefty bundle of senior experiences.
Ignition will have more breaks,
some slices will be veracious vintage,
some nimble novelty,
and some bold breakthrough.
Future will look at the past and present
to converse with time.

The lunarlight show

Moonlight smudges over the pitch of stream
as hours blacken the mood with a beam.
With reflex dancing step by step,
and weather glinting its pep,
they widen their shadow,
to make their play flow.
Being eclipsed by
moon awry,
spell chills

Eyes of the caged

Hold on!
Let me get my binoculars
to massage my perspective.
The blues stood still and peeled off their hues.
Below them, a volcanic eruption took place blossoming myriads of infants.
I saw, all the breeze started muttering to them.
Mayhem too joined the discussion.
But why were they showing me a peace sign?

Scrawl II

evil essence
enchants echo
purifies perfidy
but burns beliefs.

Pretty misty

One does not simply
ripple the hue with summer dew.
Yet, fusing into the splash of humanity,
it scores high.

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